Muddy Buddy

So instead of cycling today, my friend and boss, David and I participated in Muddy Buddy in Atlanta. It’s basically a 5K obstacle course where you help your buddy through obstacles and in the end plow through a mud pit together. Unfortunately, because of my neuroma (tumor of the nerve) in my foot, we didn’t do much running but we weren’t competing for any prizes. However, we had a good time crawling through mud, climbing ropes and basically just getting dirty. I skinned my knees, got two blisters on my left foot, and got mud in places I don’t want to think about. It was awesome. David and I got some good pics and I can’t wait until they’re available to post on here. One of these days I’ll figure out how to post a pic on this blog. 😉


Bud Light Route

So you might think from the title that we cycled and drank Bud Light for 20 miles yesterday. Well, it was nothing as exciting as that. Actually, we started off our ride with a mission moment on Gleevac, the CML drug that was fully funded through Team In Training money raised by participants like me. Gleevac helps people with CML lead normal lives when in the past their survival rate was very low.

Afterwards, we watched a tire changing clinic. For people like me who would have no idea what to do with a flat tire on the road, this was very helpful. I think that after watching this I’m prepared for a flat although I hope I never have to experience this while training. I hope it happens while I’m in front of my house riding up and down the street. Or better yet, while at the bike shop showing them my wicked skills.

So yesterday we rode 20 miles on the Bud Light route. Why is it called the Bud Light route? Well, we started off at the Bud Plant in Cartersville, GA. It’s the plant that manufactures Budweiser and ships it off to your local stores. They’re nice enough to let us cyclists park in their parking lot and ride off into the sunset following a number of trails from 15 to 100 miles. Yesterday we rode 20 on a relatively flat (with the occasional hill) surface. My only complaint was that the SAG stop was at the bottom of a hill. So after stopping at around mile 13 I had to climb a hill to get started again.

Considering that the first day of training in February for the original century ride I was only able to get about 5 miles in before wretching on the side of the road I’m proud to say that I completed 20 miles without any trouble and hope that I built up some strength for the next ride. I’m supposed to cycle today and ended up sleeping in… Maybe I’ll go this afternoon or tomorrow morning since it’s a holiday. It’s hard waking up to cycle alone. Since this is the beginning of my journey, I’ll need to find the energy and motivation to get up early on Sundays to ride solo. Or find a partner.

Thanks for reading. I’m off to clean the house.

Riverside Park

So this weekend starts the official season of Team In Training’s Fall 2012 training for Vegas! I wasn’t able to make the GTS yesterday because of a class for work. Because of this I went out cycling with my friend, Jill, today at Riverside Park. I rode 15 miles to start off the training season. It was full of easy rolling hills and flat roads. Nice and easy and fun to ride. Tomorrow I have a personal training session with the trainer at the gym and then some gentle jogging on the treadmill. My left foot has been acting up with a neuroma so there’s been some pain but I’ve got to be able to run in a few weeks for Muddy Buddy. Looking forward to getting dirty and jumping through some obstacles!

Viva Bike Vegas – Riding for a Cure!

Viva Bike Vegas – Riding for a Cure!

ImageThis is my ride. A Trek Lexa 2011. It’s smooth and sleek and rides just fine for my skill set of cycling. One day I may upgrade but for now I’m enamored with my ride.

So after a month off from riding (I sustained an injury), I jumped right back in on Saturday with my buddy, David, and rode 26.26 miles on the Silver Comet trail. We probably only averaged 15 mph but I got to experience the joys (and frights) of drafting. If you’ve never drafted before I highly recommend it for training but boy can it be an emotional rollercoaster riding so close to another cyclist. One wrong move on the first person’s part and it’s a jumble of metal and bodies all over the ground. Thankfully David is a great cyclist and knows how to control a bike so we managed to stay afloat for the ride.

I am officially registered for Viva Bike Vegas Grand Fondo century ride 2012. This is going to be my first century ride on the bike that I’ve wanted to do for a good long time. The options are to ride 75 miles or 118. Right now I’m going to aim for the metric century and if all goes well I’ll bump myself up to the full century ride.

My main purpose for doing this ride is to raise money for The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. I’m helping find a cure for blood cancers through fundraising and endurance training. I’m proud to be a part of the TEAM and to help save lives through my efforts. If you want to help out, please visit my fundraising page by clicking on the Viva Bike Vegas – Riding for a Cure! link at the top of the page.